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Do you feel like reconnecting with family or friends this holiday? A boat that can accommodate groups ranging from a handful of friends to the largest family gathering is here at your disposal.


Do you want to prove that your company is more than just average? Organize a corporate event for team building and bonding with teamwork-boosting on-board activities.


Is there a more perfect single life send-off than a party on a yacht? We think not! Give the bride or the groom something to look back to for the rest of their lives.


Do you find that the phrase “social sailing” has a nice ring to it? We will provide the fleet, the skippers and crew, even your co-sailors! If you prefer to organize your own flotilla from scratch, we are ready to assist you with that as well.

Visiting Greece may be your one of a time opportunity to combine your perfect sailing experience and at the same time explore Greece and its unique destinations of interest. Each Greek island holds back its own history, traditions and must visit locations and experiences. GNS Yachting team is here to assist you with this and help you plan your perfect vacation trip.

Visiting Greece is a one-of-a-time opportunity to enjoy both a perfect sailing experience and must-visit locations. You are free to explore the secret treasures in Greece’s mainland seaside, the variety in Greek islands’ landscapes, or a combination of both in 13,676 km of Greek coastline.

 Adding value to your sailing experience, GNS Yachting organizes:

  • Thematic sailing experience (wine tasting, horse riding, local cuisine tasting, etc.)
  • Sailing trip provisions of your choice
  • Accommodation in Athens before and/or after your sailing experience
  • Airport transfer (taxi, mini-bus, luxury car)
  • Car rental
  • Guided sightseeing to any city or island

GNS Yachting team is happy to assist you with planning a perfect vacation trip for you and your loved ones.